Charter – Pacific Islands

Tailored sailing vacations to the Pacific Islands includes Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti & Marshall Islands.

Hawaii Sailing Trip


Hawaii is arguably the most iconic, coastal destination in the world. The 50th US State comprises 137 total islands with 8 main islands, the largest of which is Hawaii (known as the Big Island). The culture is a varied collection of Native, Polynesian, US and South East Asian heritages and traditions. Pristine beaches and crystal clear water are the hallmark of Hawaii. Although famous for its world-class surfing waves, Hawaii also enjoys constant trade winds making it an idyllic location to sail. The lifestyle in Hawaii is famously laid back and visitors are expected to acclimatize on arrival. Temperatures in Hawaii range between 24-27°C (76-80°F) during the winter with a constant, warm breeze.

Main Ports & Sailing Conditions

Due to the sprawling geography of Hawaii, we have focussed on 3 islands below. This is certainly not the full extent of Hawaii but makes for a comfortable voyage spread over a few days. 

The first port of call is Honolua Bay is a secluded bay on the west coast Maui. Snorkeling and relaxing on the beach are the order of the day. Departing to the west is the island of Lana’i. Located on the south coast is Manele Harbor, a beautifully designed port enclosed by rolling hills. Manele is surrounded by sea turtles, manta rays, reef fish and tropical coral and dolphins meaning snorkeling and diving are highly advised. Given its enclosure, making use of Azizam’s water toys is also worth considering. From Manele, the next stop is north west towards the capital city of Honolulu based on the island of O’ahu. Ala Wai is the main harbour here. Nearby, you will find the site of Pearl Harbor to explore. Ala Wai has a strong sailing tradition with the annual Trans-Pacific Race from California ending here.

Must See
  • Humpback Whales migrate to the warm waters of Maui between the months of December and April. It is estimated that over 10,000 whales can be found making a considerable splash.

  • Keahiakawelo (Garden of the Gods) is a sprawling landscape on the island of Lana’i. It is home to enormous boulders and rock towers which are stark contrast to its surrounding beaches.

  • Halona Blowhole is a rock formation located on the coast of O’ahu. It is the result of lava rock tubes and can be seen spitting water out into the Pacific Ocean

Marshall Islands Sailing Trip


The Marshall Islands is a combination of islands and atolls (ring-shaped island formations) located between the Philippines and Hawaii in the Pacific ocean. Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands is also the home port of our boat, Azizam! The island is officially a territory of Micronesia having received independence from the US in 1978. The country is very traditional and does not have foreign influence like other territories in the Pacific or Caribbean. The Marshall Islands are the 5th least visited destination by tourists owing to its isolation and the lack of regular air travel. As a result, the islands make for a totally unique experience from other, more popular destinations. It is the perfect stop-over on a trans-pacific voyage. The Marshalls are home to an enormous variety of wildlife including birds, sport fish, tropical coral and the largest shark sanctuary in the world. Temperatures consistently range from 28-32°C (82-88°F).

Main Ports & Sailing Conditions

Majuro is the capital city of the Marshall Islands. Although not a large city, it is a large exporter of yellowfin tuna and ships. Sport fishing is popular and the flat land makes it easy to traverse. Although there is some influence from US governance, the culture in the city distinctive from many other capital cities. is Aur Atoll is a fascinating, natural structure. The entire atoll encloses a lagoon and is home to 500 residents. Many of these residents are expert craftspeople specializing in canoes and other boats. Aur atoll is completely secluded from the outside world.

Must See
  • Sport Fishing in Majuro is highly recommended. Select species include Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna and Mahi Mahi. For those seeking the catch of their life, Majuro is your spot.
  • Snorkeling and Water Skiing are a must in the secluded Aur Atoll. Although not unique to the Marshall Islands, you will have more than enough space in the warm water to let loose.
  • Bikini Marshall is not only the home of Azizam, it is also the site of several sunken US warships. As a result, the atoll is one of the most incredible places to dive and explore the waters below.

Tahiti Sailing Trip


Tahiti is an island in French Polynesia located in the Pacific Ocean. The island formed as a result of volcanic activity and is the site of an extinct volcano. As a result, parts of the island are mountainous contrasted with built up towns closer to the water. Polynesian culture is at the core of life in Tahiti. The sport of Javelin throwing was founded here and surfing plays a traditional role in society. Although surrounded by other islands, Tahiti is one of the most well known and beautiful of those in French Polynesia. As is the case throughout this region, the island can be difficult to travel to by air due to irregular flight patterns. The temperatures in Tahiti range from 24-30°C (75-86°F).

Main Ports & Sailing Conditions

Papeete is the main port and capital of French Polynesia. Although there is a large amount of space dedicated to cruise ships, plenty of marinas and moorings exist for sailboats and yachts. Papeete is home to a famous marketplace in its downtown area. Here you will find traditional food, clothing and pearls which are harvested throughout French Polynesia. Port Phaeton is located on the south-west coast of Tahiti. It is a small marina based in the small town of Taravao. The town is surrounded by rolling green fields and is a wonderful place to see Tahiti when visibility is high. Moorea is the sister island of Tahiti, located about 12 miles away. Not as built up as Tahiti, Moorea is perfect for a day trip of swimming and surfing with the local wildlife.

Must See
  • Mt Orohena is the extinct volcano in Tahiti. It has an elevation of 2,250 meters and makes for an incredible hike. The views from the top must be seen to be believed.
  • Teahupoo is a stop on many international surfing tournaments. The conditions are intense and seasoned surfers can often be seen here. For beginners, check out Papenoo beach on the northern coast.
  • Arahoho Blowhole is the result of volcanic eruptions on the island. The volcanic tube spits out water right beside a beautiful, black sand beach.

Fiji Sailing Trip


Fiji is an archipelago country in the Pacific ocean. The country is made up of 330 islands and islets but is primarily occupied by 2 main islands – Viti Levu and Vama Levu. Like many islands in the pacific area, the country is the result of volcanic activity. The majority of settlements are close to the coast although there are some small towns and villages inland. The country has a strong influence on traditional Polynesian and Indian cultures. This is seen mostly in the food throughout. Most tourism to Fiji is from Australia and New Zealand but, given the number of islands, many parts are relatively quiet. Rugby 7s is the national sport of Fiji and a huge part of national culture. Temperatures here range from 22-26°C (74-80°F). 

Main Ports & Sailing Conditions

Denarau Island is a relatively established tourist area in the country. Throughout the island are resorts, restaurants, and golf courses. Being a man-made island, swimming is not especially common due to the black sand surrounding the island. Other water sports, such as jet skiing and paddleboarding are more common. Mamanuca Island is known for its long white sand beaches lined with palm trees. Just off the shore is an abundance of stunning coral reefs. This is your destination to go for rest and relaxation. Savusavu, on the south coast of Vanu Levi is surrounded by nature. Rolling hills of trees extend beyond view and the reefs here are certainly worth exploring underwater.

Must See
  • Rugby 7s is the national sport of the country. The country won their first Olympic gold medal in 2016 after much success at the highest level. The sport is fast paced, highly entertaining and well worth catching. 

  • Yasawa Island is a wonderful destination for snorkeling and diving. The area is packed with manta rays and reef fish. 

  • The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is an established trail featuring over 2,000 species of orchids, many of which are unique to Fiji.

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