Charter – The Caribbean

Tailored sailing vacations to the Caribbean include The Bahamas, the BVIs, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Antigua.

The Bahamas Sailing Trip

Encompassing over 700 islands with clear blue waters and calm, steady breeze, the Bahamas is  one of the jewels of the Caribbean. Despite being devastated by Hurricane Dorian in 2019, the  Bahamas remains one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean. The islands enjoy a  warm climate year round with an average temperature of 20°C (75°F) during December and  January. Owing to its unique geography, the Bahamas is the perfect place to set sail and explore.  Although you can visit by plane, a sailing charter is the only way to fully appreciate all the  Bahamas has to offer.
Main Ports & Sailing Conditions
There are two main ports in the Bahamas, Abaco and Exuma. These will be your focal points  when visiting. The Bahamas is renowned for its water clarity. This is mainly due to its unusually  low water depth in many parts (~15 feet). As a result, the water visibility is unrivaled and the  sailing experience is completely unique. The wind speed in the islands is a steady 10-15 knots  (11-17 MPH). This allows for excellent cruising speed onboard Azizam. Not too slow but certainly  not uncomfortable either.
Must See
  • Isla Harbor is the location of the Pink Sands Beach. The sand originates from crushed shells  as opposed to crushed rocks like traditional beaches 
  • Great Guana Cay is another boating destination. Snorkelling and spearfishing are must-do  activities here. 
  • The quaint Norman’s Cay was the scheduled destination for the infamous Fyre festival and is an essential diving destination. 
  • Big Major Cay is home of the famous Bahamian pigs. The pigs are very friendly and often  swim with tourists. It is unclear where the pigs came from but they are the sole inhabitants  of the Cay. 
  • Picturesque Allen Cay is home to a unique species of Bahamian iguana.  
  • Although not a physical location, Junkanoo is a traditional Bahamian festival showcasing the  local dance, song and culture of the community. It takes place every Christmas period and is  truly unique to the Bahamas.

Turks & Caicos Sailing Trip

The Turks & Caicos are some of the most naturally beautiful islands in the world. The archipelago  is made up of 40 separate islands . They feature endless coral reefs, breathtaking waterfalls and  some of the best sailing conditions in the Caribbean. In the winter months, temperatures range  from 25-27°C (77-81°F) making it one of the best times to visit. The island has become a recent  hotbed for kiteboarding due its consistent breeze. Azizam’s size will allow you to sail between  islands in speed and comfort.
Main Ports & Sailing Conditions
Providenciales (Provo) is the largest island by population. It is also the formal home of sailing in  the Turks and Caicos. Many sailing schools and charter offerings are based here but with Azizam,  you won’t be restricted to one location. With a consistent tropical breeze, cruising from island to  island essential in order to get the full Turks and Caicos experience. The clear waters make for  excellent diving conditions with an abundance of fish and underwater beauty.
Must See
  • Kiteboarding has become increasingly popular particularly in Provo. The area features a  good mix of novices and experts.  
  • For adrenaline junkies, Cliff diving in Split Rock and Pirate Cave is essential with peaks of  close to 50 feet!  
  • For a more laid back experience, East Cay and Big Sand Cay are two completely  uninhabited islands. They are accessible only by boat and are remarkably untouched.
  • Diving in the Turks and Caicos is unlike anywhere else in the world. There are shipwrecks to  explore in Provo as well as over 14 miles in coral reef located in Smith’s Reef and Gibbs Cay.


Cayman Islands Sailing Trip

The Cayman Islands is one of the finest locations for marine wildlife and diving in the Caribbean.  Temperatures range around 30°C (90°F) and with endless, sandy coastline, it is no wonder it is  commonly referred to as paradise. The Cayman Islands population is made up of mostly expats  who outnumber locals ever so slightly. Although previously known as a tax haven, the Cayman  Islands has outgrown that stigma and enjoys healthy levels of tourism every year. Sailing in the  Caymans allows you to experience the local wildlife in a purely natural and un-intrusive manner.  Given Azizam’s shallow draft, you will be able to see the Cayman waters from a totally unique  perspective.
Main Ports & Sailing Conditions
Grand Cayman is the focal point of the islands. There are several places of note on the coastline.  Although a tourist hotbed, Rum Point is a wonderful place to experience. A sailing tour of Stingray  City is highly recommended. West Bay on the North West side of the island is full of great bars  and restaurants but not as saturated in terms of people. On the other end of the scale, East End  on the South East tip of the island is a quiet and quaint village with a small population. Here you  will find Seven Mile Beach, often referred to as the best beach in the world.
Must See
The Cayman Islands are world-renowned for their diving and wildlife.  

  • Stingray City near Rum Point is essential viewing for any wildlife enthusiast.
  • Starfish Point is also nearby and is a true natural wonder. For those less experienced in  unique wildlife, your jaw will drop. Starfishes of all difference colors and sizes are in  abundance here.
  • The Mastic Hiking Trail features plants, trees and animals all unique to the Cayman islands.
  • Finally, and perhaps most spectacularly, the bioluminescence in the Caymans is near perfect. The green glow in the water is caused through contact with an object. Owing to  Azizam’s catamaran shape, there is no vessel better suited to experience this natural  phenomenon.

St Barts Sailing Trip

Saint Barthélemy is a French speaking island in the Caribbean. It is one of the smallest islands in  the Caribbean and widely regarded as one of the most beautiful too. The island is known for its  white sandy beaches, its trendy bars and restaurants as well as its exceptional selection of  designer shopping. Although you could spend all of your time on the beach, St Barts has so much  to offer, especially with the luxury of a boat to explore the island. As with many islands in this  region, temperatures range from 25-27°C (77-81°F) year round making it idyllic during the winter  months. Given the French influence, St Barts feels so unique to so many islands in the Caribbean.
Main Ports & Sailing Conditions
Gustavia is the capital town and main port of St Barts. Although small, the town has a real  European feel. The rolling hills enclose the body of water which makes up the port in St Barts.  From here, you can explore most of the island. The port is gorgeous with views of the ocean and  the surrounding geography providing a perfect backdrop. Anse de Colombier is another popular  spot amongst boaters. Although there is no dock, boats anchor just off the beach. Given the  shallow draw of Azizam, the yacht can drop anchor much closer than other boats could allowing  guests to even swim to shore. Anse de Colombier is based in a small inlet and is remote but not  isolating in perfect measure.
Must See
  • Lorient Beach is the best place to witness the Sea Turtles of St Barts. Snorkeling equipment  is provided onboard.
  • Petit de Anse is another location to view some unique wildlife. Alongside sea turtles, you will  also find parrotfish whose colors have to be seen to be believed.
  • St Jean Beach is one of the most popular beaches on St Barts. It is also the best location for  water sports on the island given its sheltered location and low winds.


British Virgin Islands Sailing Trip 

The British Virgin Islands (BVIs) are a volcanic archipelago close to Porto Rico in the Caribbean.  There are 4 main islands in the country. As referenced by the name, the islands are a British  territory but the culture is unique as in many of the Caribbean islands. Temperatures range around  30°C (86°F) during the winter. Sailing conditions are ideal in parts due to the warm, steady breeze  the runs through the islands. Although the BVIs are idyllic for sailing, sail boats can be hard to  come by. As a result, much of the waters are empty allowing for an unobstructed sailing tour of  the islands.
Main Ports & Sailing Conditions
Docks in the BVI can vary from busy to isolated, depending on your preference. The main port in  Tortola, the largest and most populous island, is based in the capital of Road Town. This is a  fabulous place to see enormous cruise ships mixed in with small power boats. It is certainly worth  a visit. Great Harbor on Jost Van Dyke island is more secluded but features some excellent  drinking and dining locations. The island also features some incredible natural phenomena.  Finally, for those seeking total seclusion, Green Cay is an uninhabited island with ample space for  dropping anchor. The island is rarely occupied by tourists and is the perfect place to get away.
Must See
  • The Bubbly Pool, based on Jost Van Dyke island, is a cove which fills with salt water and  creates a salt water pool depending on tide. 
  • Scrub Island is well known location for scuba diving and snorkling. Coral reefs and tropical  wildlife are a given here. 
  • Anegada is a natural wonder as it is an entirely coral island. As a result, the island is mostly  flat making it easy to explore the secluded island in a day.

Barbados Sailing Trip

Barbados is a single island country based in the West Indies in the Caribbean. The island’s  cultural influence is a heavy mix of West African and British culture as the country is still a part of  the British commonwealth. This influence can be seen in the local tradition of afternoon tea and  the national sport of cricket. Barbados is often overlooked for other Caribbean countries but it remains a wonderful island to visit. Given that there are not several islands to navigate, the sailing  conditions are smooth and scenic. Given its size and comfort, Azizam is the perfect boat on which to experience the entire country by sea. Temperatures range around 27°C (80°F) during the winter months.
Main Ports & Sailing Conditions
Bridgeport is the capital city of Barbados and is located on the west coast of the island. Carlisle Bay is the best place to drop anchor here. Although relatively close to the city, the bay is relatively  secluded and features endless, white sandy beach. North of Bridgeport is Sandy Lane Bay. Sandy Lane is an intensely beautiful location and is the luxury destination of choice for vacationers. There is a great aura of calmness and a true sense of seclusion all around the bay. From here,  much of the north and south of the island is viewable in a day.
Must See
  • Pamir is a highly recommended diving wreck of beginner divers. For those interested in  testing the waters, this is your chance.
  • Rum and sailing have been associated together forever. The Mount Gay Rum Distillery is  essential for all sailors, rum drinkers and everybody in between.
  • Shark Hole is a stunning, tiny cove on the South East of the island. Because it cannot  accommodate large groups, you will often find yourself alone the beach as the water washes onshore.

Jamaica Sailing Trip

Jamaica is a single-island country rich in cultural history. Jamaica is considerably larger than many surrounding islands. Kingston is the capital city and from here you will be able to take in the country’s proud history of Reggae music and its famous Jerk spice foods. Temperatures range  around 26-28°C (78-82°F) during the winter months. In addition to its wildlife, Jamaica is also  regarded for its incredible waterfalls. Owing to its shape and size, the best way of taking in the  country is to circumnavigate the island by boat, stopping in various ports and villages along the way.
Main Ports & Sailing Conditions
Montego Bay in the north of the island is a popular destination due to its proximity to golf, diving  and other water activities. It is a great place to hang out and watch other boats go by but also to  explore the northern side of the island. Bluefields is a sheltered fishing community on the west  side of the island. It is certainly more laid back than Montego and features crystal clear waters  and an expansive forest backdrop. Antonio Bay in the north east is a charming horse-shoe bay. It  is sheltered from much of the wind and weather. Although you may come across other anchored  boats, Antonio Bay is remote and is the definition of relaxation in Jamaica.
Must See
  • Dunn River Falls and Reich Falls are two waterfalls whose beauty cannot be over stated.  Depending on the time of year, one may be more busy than the other but don’t miss your  chance to witness nature in motion. 
  • Salt River is a small town which used to function as a sugar plantation. Walking through this  town is like taking a walk back in time. 
  • Blue Hole is another waterfall which features a 30-foot cliff jump. It is a must-do for those  looking to push their limits.

Puerto Rico Sailing Trip

Puerto Rico is US territory with a deep Spanish influence. This eclectic mix of cultures can be seen all over the country. In the same town, you will find strips with bars and casinos beside buildings with a striking Spanish influence in their architecture. Puerto Rico has also become a  destination for surfers of all abilities. Some come to test themselves, others come to learn the  basics in warm water. Temperatures are steady around 24-26°C (76-82°F) during the Christmas  period. As well as the main island, Puerto Rico is surrounded by smaller islands off its coast. Some of these are completely uninhabited making them a great destination for a day trip.
Main Ports & Sailing Conditions
Aside from the main port in San Juan, the capital city, there are some hidden gems to sail around  Puerto Rico. Boquerón is in the south-west of the island. Sailing here from San Juan allows you to  see much of the island itself. It is a traditional, small village. Although there are places to eat and  drink, it is not as built up as other coastal towns. Isla de Muertos (Coffin Island) is off the south  coast of Puerto Rico. The island is protected by a nature conservancy and is completely  uninhabited. It is an incredible spot to visit and surrounded by uninterrupted nature. Isla  Palominos is off the east coast. Although uninhabited, the island is popular with other boaters  who drop anchor for a day or two. The island is surrounded by shimmering, turquoise water and is  well worth a visit.
Must See
  • Aqudilla is one of the main surfing beaches on Puerto Rico. The beach is perfect for beginner surfers. Rincón is a beach more suited to experienced surfers and features dreamy swell.  
  • Viegues is a small island off the south-east coast. It features blue/green bioluminescence and wild horses roaming the countryside. Most people rely on a ferry but Azizam will visit at your own time and pace.  
  • El Yunque National Park is a tropical rain forest located in the north-east of the country. Featuring stunning waterfalls and dense forestry, El Yunque is a truly spectacular location.

Dominica Sailing Trip


Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic) is an island in the south-east of the Caribbean. It has numerous cultural influences including French, Spanish and British. Compared to many other Caribbean islands, Dominica is still relatively untouched and undeveloped. Visiting here feels like visiting a much different world. Dominica is surrounded by dramatic nature. The island includes 8 volcanoes, waterfalls and boiling-water lakes. The winter temperatures, 24-26°C (75-80°F), combined with a humid climate, makes it perfect for exploration.

Main Ports & Sailing Conditions

Located in the north-west of the island, Portsmouth is the second largest town in Dominica. It is a quaint town and is also the beginning of one of the island’s nature trails. The surrounding area contains general amenities with stores, restaurants and bars. The nearby beaches feature spectacular coral reefs. Roseau Bay is the capital of Dominica and is located on the south-west of the island. Although it is the capital city, it is certainly not built up like others. It is a wonderful place to take in the Dominican say of life. The port is the main trade port in the country with many fresh vegetables often found in local markets. In terms of sailing, the west coast is generally more built up but the east coast could also be a secluded getaway.

Must See
  • Boiling Lake is the second largest of its kind in the world. The water in the lake is heated by the surrounding volcanoes. This is an incredibly unique natural phenomenon.
  • Whale & Dolphin Watching many companies offer whale and dolphin tours but you are just as likely to catch swimming alongside Azizam whilst underway
  • Champagne Beach is a beach known for its snorkelling. Alongside the reefs, you will find sea turtles and other sea critters
  • Middleham Falls is a waterfall trail in the forest. Don’t forget your swimsuit

Dominican Republic Sailing Trip


The Dominican Republic is a country on the island of Hispaniola. It is one of the only Caribbean islands home to two countries with Haiti governing the west side. The Dominican Republic is one of the most visited countries in the Caribbean which results in infrastructure and amenities which are more developed than its neighboring islands. Golf courses are one such example of this development. Like many other surrounding islands, however, the Dominican Republic features much natural beauty and nature preserves which keep these areas from over-development. As a result, the country enjoys a mix of busy tourist areas alongside secluded beaches. The temperature in the winter ranges from 25-27°C (77-82°F).

Main Ports & Sailing Conditions

The Dominican Republic is known for its steady breeze which feeds into sports like sailing, windsurfing and kite-boarding. Punta Cana should be your first port of call as it is home to much of these activities. Located on the eastern most tip of the country, Punta Cana is a healthy mix of land and sea-based activities with huge areas of open water to play in. Located on the south-west coast, Playa las Agues is located in one of the country’s national parks. It features an 8km (5 mile) stretch of beach which is recognized as one of the most beautiful coastal locations in the world both locally and abroad. This area is ideal for using Azizam’s water toys to explore. Finally, Samaná Bay is a bay located on the east coast. It is located close to Malecón town which features a waterfront strip with wonderful bars and restaurants. It is also very close to the island of Cayo Levantado (see below).

Must See
  • Cayo Levantado is a tiny island which can be difficult to enter without a pre-scheduled ferry. It is surrounded by crystal blue water and sprawling, palm lined beach trees.
  • The Colonial Zone is located in Santo Domingo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring the first ever church, castle and monastery in the Americas.
  • Humpback Whales breed and swim just off the coast of the Dominican Republic every year from December to March. Don’t miss this incredible site from the decks Azizam.
  • Cabarete Beach on the north coast, is often regarded as a surfers paradise. With warm water and waves of all sizes, it is ideal for beginner and advanced surfers alike.

St Martin Sailing Trip


Saint Martin is an island comprising 2 countries. The northern side is ruled by France (Saint Martin) and the southern end by the Netherlands (Sint Maarten). Although you may cross country lines on your trip, there are rarely border checks and certainly none to be concerned about. The French end of the island is considered more European culturally and features several nude beach and shopping markets. The Dutch side of the island is more known for its nightlife and its casinos. The temperatures in Saint Martin are steady around 26-28°C (78-82°F). Traffic has become increasingly difficult to navigate on the island so boat is certainly the most convenient mode of transportation.

Main Ports & Sailing Conditions

The wind in Saint Martin can pick up in the winter months. This combines nicely with the geography of the island however as many passages take longer than surrounding islands. Grand Case is a town on the north west coast of the French side. It has a strong French influence in terms of culture and cuisine. It also features a gorgeous strip of beach with restaurants and bars to boot. Just south of Grand Case is Marigot which is the capital of the French Saint Martin. As
with many capitals, Marigot is well established in terms of amenities and is the best place to fully experience the traditions of the French side. Guana Bay, located on the south east coast of the Dutch side is a small, rural village. It features a number of excellent hiking trails and is one of the best places to explore nature on the island.

Must See
  • Casino Royale located near Marigot is an enormous casino with a European twist. It features several games tables and is perfect for those looking to test their skill and luck
  • Pinel Island is a small island located off the east coast. It is relatively remote and renowned for its snorkeling. It is the perfect place around the island to play on Azizam’s water toys
  • The ParrotVille Bird Sanctuary is located on the Dutch side near the east coast. It features
    scores of tropical birds who can be fed and perch on your arm

Antigua and Barbuda Sailing Trip


Antigua and Barbuda is a country consisting of two main islands and surrounded by many more. Antigua is by far the larger island both physically and in terms of population. Antigua is known worldwide for its yacht market. Boat and yacht sales make up a huge percentage of the country’s overall exports. In April and May every year, Antigua hosts its Sailing Week where boats from around the world compete. In December, Antigua hosts the annual Charter Yacht Show. Boat makers and brokers from around the world come to display their latest models. Although severely damaged by hurricane Irma in 2017, Barbuda is still a quaint island. It is most popular for its beaches and its fishing. The temperatures in Antigua & Barbuda range from 26-30°C (78-86°F) during the winter.

Main Ports & Sailing Conditions

As one would imagine from a sailing hotbed, the winds in Antigua are ideal for cruising. Jolly Harbor is located on the west coast of the island. It features sprawling, white sand beaches and a small town filled with restaurants and bars serving an international selection of food and drink. Falmouth Harbor, located on the south coast was the first British settlement on the island of Antigua and is tucked away in a horseshoe bay. English Harbor is located in the extreme south of the island. The village there features a very unique English pub serving traditional British cuisine. It is also home to two fortresses from the initial settlement of the British. Duty-free shopping is abundant here.

Must See
  • Great Bird Island is located off the north-east coast of Antigua. It is easily accessible by boat and is home to several wild Caribbean birds. Bring your hiking shoes as the trails are stunning.
  • Montserrat is another small island off the south-west coast of Antigua. The island experienced a large volcanic eruption in 1995. This resulted in several black sand beaches and many ruins to explore.
  • St Johns is the capital of the country and also the main port. The city features a number of historical museums and plantation sites. Local markets are also commonplace during the weekends.

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